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Finding Expert WordPress Development in Melbourne

If you are planning to start your own blog and share your stories with millions of people on the internet, then you obviously need a blogging platform. Switch on to the internet and you will find millions of blog templates offering you the quickest way to build your blogs. Among them, the most prominent web template is the WordPress.

Wordpress development banner

WordPress was released in 2003 based on a single bit of code to help the bloggers and the writers to carry on with their work. Way Back in 2003 there were very few WordPress users you can count on. Now, after almost a decade, the numbers of peoples using WordPress have skyrocketed. It is now the largest and the biggest self-hosted blogging templates on the online world. Now if you walk around any creative writing companies in Melbourne, you will find everyone using WordPress as their blogging platform.

Developmental Features of WordPress Development

A question may arise, what are those developmental features of the WordPress which have been included to make it a user-friendly blogging platform?

  • SEO optimised

WordPress is Search Engine Optimised for the search engines. But you won’t have to fret about this feature while you are creating your blog on it. There are some SEO plugins to do the optimisation function on behalf of you. A good WordPress development firm will make sure that your website is fully SEO optimised.

  • Easy to install and upgrade

Wordpress development graphicWordPress is comparatively easy to install and upgrade. There are some web hosts that offer WordPress on one click. You have to click simply on install, and your work is done.

  • Easy to publish writing

If you are a writer staying in Melbourne looking for publishing houses and news agencies to publish your story, you have a comparatively easy solution with WordPress. You can create posts, save them for editing later; insert media and other anime features. After you are satisfied, you can simply click on the publish button.

  • Flexible

WordPress is a flexible blogging platform that you will come across. You can create any website- may be your personal website, a business website, a magazine website or a photo blogging site. There are numerous themes and plugins which led you to select the type of website you want to build.

  • Media and images

Since it has become imperative that you publish a relevant image or graphics with your article, WordPress makes the job easier for you. You can quickly upload any media or relevant images to your the WordPress. There are many image editing tools which have been newly included.

  • Themes

A theme directory has been developed for the users of WordPress to create beautiful websites. The themes are pretty easy to install and don’t take much time to upload.

These are some of the features developed on WordPress, which has made it the most popular blogging platform in the virtual world.